About the project
This feasibility study is a component of the Marianas Livestock and Grazing Academy program, administered by the University of Hawaii.

This study is being prepared by Ag/Energy Enterprises LLC (AEE), a consulting firm contracted by the University of Hawaii. Jim Wimberly is the lead person on the project.

Ag/Energy Enterprises is a part of International BioEnergy Systems LLC, a consulting firm and project development company specializing in international agricultural development and bioenergy systems and technologies.
Marianas Feasibility Study
evaluating the feasibility of a slaughterhouse/meat business
Project objectives
This objectives of this study are to compile and analyze information and help evaluate the overall feasibility of establishing and operating a slaughterhouse operation (and associated meat supply business) in one or more of the primary islands in the Marianas...Guam, Rota, Tinian, and Saipan.
Potential outcomes
The results of this assessment should be of value to livestock producers, private companies, and government decision makers as they contemplate pursuit or support of such an enterprise(s).

AEE will prepare an overall feasibility assessment that is applicable to each of the islands, including, where appropriate, supplemental information specific to each island.
Project timeline
Project components
About the project

         November ~ December 2010: Initial data compilation and reconaissance trip to the islands.

         Janaruay ~ March 2011:  Analyses and preparation of draft results.

        May 2011: Review of preliminary results with stakeholders on each island.

         June ~September 2011: Additional economic analyses and facility design guidance.